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Help! I’m losing my hair! 

My hair is EVERYWHERE. I brush it and find clumps of it stuck to my brush. I wash it and it clogs up the plug hole. It gets stuck to clothes all the time and for some reason likes to hide in my tumble dryer – attaching itself to socks and baby-grows. I look down and see it on the wooden floor. I drag my hand through the carpet and find it curling round my fingers. My Dyson is filled with the stuff. All I ever hear my partner say nowadays is ‘Your hair is everywhere!’ 

Ain’t that the truth. 

Beau loves to pull it – twisting it round his fingers and trying to eat it but he’s not the reason why I’m loosing it by the bucketload. Those lovely pregnancy hormones have left me with a balding thin hairstyle, bad gums and the linea nigra; the dark line that extends down your tummy. Now I know all these problems will eventually subside. But there has to be a way of stopping all this hair loss as it’s like we’ve got a new pet in the house. 

I am NOT cutting it (I really don’t suit short hair – REALLY) so I guess we’ll just have to put up with that new pet in the house for now. Well for another 8 months. According to the Babycenter (read more here), I shouldn’t panic, as it will be back to normal by the time Beau is one. So that’s a whole summer of brushing my hair over the kitchen sink and having to hastily wash it away, finding it on Beau’s toys and having to guilty entangle it before he tries to eat it and discovering it in my dinner. 

In the grand scheme of things I know this isn’t a big deal (I don’t want to sound jovial about hair loss) but I just wanted to sympathise with other mums who might be loosing their hair too. We’re not loosing our heads, just our hair. So next time you see a clump of hair in the sink of the supermarket toilets, spare a thought for it’s poor owner. 

Faye x

My (fake) mermaid hair pre-pregnancy 

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