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Let’s talk about sleep, baby (and why I fell in love with The Snuggle Sac) 

Let’s talk about sleep, baby (and why I fell in love with The Snuggle Sac) 

SLEEP. Such a simple concept, right? You go to bed, fall asleep for the recommended 7-9 hours, dream the night away and wake up all refreshed and ready to go the next morning. Well…maybe pre-child days, but throw in a kid or two and those hours in the land of nod become drastically numbered. I remember frantically searching the internet during those hazy newborn nights…asking google such inane questions as ‘why won’t my baby sleep’, and ‘what can I buy to make my baby sleep?’ Beau had the choice of a moses basket, a crib, a Sleepyhead Deluxe, a cot and even a single bed and he still preferred to sleep snuggled up next to me in my double bed (with my partner on the sofa). No matter how much I tried, how gently I lowered him, he always woke up.

And so began our co-sleeping journey…for the next two years. It wasn’t easy at times; I often woke up with a foot in my face or covered in milk, half on the floor but I do credit co-sleeping for his affectionate nature (and constant cuddles). He still needs to be snuggled to sleep nowadays (something I don’t publicly like to own up to) and often likes to lie on my front, but at age two and a half he has *finally, finally* started to sleep through in his own bed (with the exception of when he is ill, see a previous blog post here).

So now he is in his own double bed (a threenager if ever I saw one); so began the search for something that would make him feel cosy, safe and warm; like lying next to me during our co-sleeping nights. Covers and duvets – he would just kick off. Blankets were just not thick enough. As I used sleeping bags during his newborn days, with great success (I think he liked the cocooned feeling) I started to look for a much larger one, so Snuggle Sac got in touch and sent me a sleeping bag for Beau to try out; to make that transitional phase just that little bit easier on both of us.

First things first, it comes in a blue toggle bag which is really handy for storing, carrying to a campsite (or festival!), or throwing in the car for a trip to see Grandma. The side zips down for easy access and the head area has a compartment for a pillow. It has a 3.4 tog rating – perfect for all seasons, but is still really lightweight and after washing it a couple of times it keeps its shape and maintains its softness brilliantly. Looks wise; it definitely got the thumbs up from me (and daddy); the grey and white star pattern matches the colour scheme of our house perfectly. (You can view other styles here).

Upon introducing it to Beau…the first thing he did was to rub his face against the soft fleecy outer layer and say ‘ahh’ whilst making a high-pitched squeaking noise – the same noise he makes when he sees anything cute and cuddly! (He likes to rub his face against teddy bears, soft fabrics, bunny rabbits, fluffy kittens etc etc). Even though he has actually never seen or tried out a larger sleeping bag he jumped straight into it and snuggled on down. He really enjoyed cuddling into it and getting cosy!

Where he really enjoyed the Snuggle Sac was on the sofa; burying himself into it whilst munching on popcorn and watching films. I also credit it for keeping him still for a good 45 minutes. A world record! And when I tried to get into it he shouted ‘no, mine!’ – a definite toddler seal of approval if ever I saw one. Beau is a nighttime wriggler, and it definitely worked brilliantly at night-time too. No more blankets thrown on the floor! We recently went away for a few days, and it was really interesting to see how a little bit of familiarity, in an unfamiliar surrounding made Beau feel at home. Beau is on the go from the moment he wakes up, till the very last moment he falls asleep, and when he has ‘Snuggle Sac Time’, he also has some (much-needed) relaxation time. And when he was sick recently, he asked to go into the Snuggle Sac straightaway!

The Snuggle Sac definitely puts a smile on Beau’s face and a big smile on my face, too. You can view the toddler Snuggle Sacs here and I am tempted to get an adult version, as well!

Faye x

Disclosure; We were sent The Snuggle Sac for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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